Powder Blue ~ Broken (Seether) Jessica Biel

Video from the movie Powder Blue starring Jessica Biel with music by Seether ft. Amy Lee…

Powder Blue

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8 Responses to Powder Blue ~ Broken (Seether) Jessica Biel

  1. TimmithyZERO says:

    What a great video damn Jessica is so fine!

  2. jonny2tim3 says:

    Great tribute great song great movie

  3. Steven Mangram says:

    0:55 to 1:04 best ten dollars ever spent!

  4. hedrushx says:

    She is so hot!!! Her face has a Native-American look

  5. TRKizm says:

    I think her mother is Native American

  6. johnnyt521 says:

    Jessica could make a burlap sack look good!She is a goddess!

  7. State727Property says:

    This pretty much shits on Amy Lee and Seethers video
    #Nice Fuckin Upload pal

  8. Matthew Lloyd says:

    What is this song called

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