Rep. Doug Lamborn on federal law that impedes Waldo Canyon Fire, June 24, 2012 4:37 PM

US Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, answers questions about a federal law that purportedly prevents military aircraft from helping with fires until all state and local resources are exhausted. Air Force planes, which are ten times more effective than our current firefighting aircraft, sit unused several miles away. Meanwhile, the lives of our brave firefighters and the homes of countless area residents are placed in jeopardy. Rest assured we will be looking closely at this federal law in the coming days.

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15 Responses to Rep. Doug Lamborn on federal law that impedes Waldo Canyon Fire, June 24, 2012 4:37 PM

  1. T Hud says:

    Where is Evergreen’s 747 tanker? 250+ homes lost in northern Colorado and thousands of homes threatened by the Waldo Canyon fire, why wouldn’t we launch the military planes at least until private planes can be on scene? These C-130’s have been sitting unused for weeks!

  2. 4solo41 says:

    Meanwhile everybody gets burned up.

  3. JOHN E BOB says:

    Lamborn is a moron like the rest of Congress…..what private agencies are out there fighting these fires? NONE Some air tankers are used but the rest of the resources used to fight the fires are public entities, paid for with taxpayers money. He says we shouldn’t infringe on private companies ability to make money. “sure we should look at a waiver that allows us to use Military assets” (after I get myself re-elected) JACKASS !!!!!

  4. Mucnhies says:

    Keep in mind a c130 has to land and pump then fly all the way back. Yes they are needed but helicopters are nearly as effective

  5. vaughanweather says:

    Exactly, private fire departments (beyond a handful of specialized services) don’t exist anymore since they were inefficient and could not effectively pool resources. I don’t think the military is very effective in fighting fires but this is not a private/public sector battle, it’s a gov’t vs gov’t cost/efficiency/mandate issue… obviously it was the first and only response he could think of

  6. Viracocha711 says:

    We need to vote out ALL Republicans because they have shown they have no regard for science & especially climate science! Plus, they are using every excuse they can to cut the pay of first responders! SAD!!

  7. trainwreckmetal says:

    Really…? In June of 2011, Quote: “After years of accusing the Republican Party of being “anti-science,” the Democrats are now opposing a bill that would require the FDA to base its rulings on hard scientific facts. It’s all part of the left’s latest attempt to use the FDA to ban products it’s always despised—meat, cigarettes, junk food, etc.—based on pseudo-science, ideological distaste, and conjecture”.

    Don’t worry about the private sector. “It’s doing just fine”. -Obama. SPREAD THE WEALTH

  8. wow9839 says:

    Here is the science – under democratic president we are still paying billions and billions of dollars of foreign aid to other countries while our own education system suffers and our local economy is perishing. Democrats=Republicans, they are both thieves.

  9. Viracocha711 says:

    Sorry, but your comment does not come anywhere close to “science”. We could cut all foreign aid & it would not make a dent in the debt or free up enough money to address the education problem in this country! The education problem has to do with local school boards (Like Texas) & the absence of a Federally mandated curriculum designed by educators in academia. All the countries in the top 10 in ED are 100% Union & have a centralized curriculum. The Econ is getting better…

  10. MultiJizzy1 says:

    Why didn’t Lamborn (Lambrain) boycott Obama’s visit to Colorado Springs on June 29th – instead he about broke his neck trying to get next to the President. This man is an embarrassment to Colorado!

  11. wow9839 says:

    Listen, Mr. Scientist, here are the facts – during Obama over 4 schools in my county were shut down due to budget cuts. At the same time Mr. Obama signs foreign aid programs for Pakistan, Egypt and bunch of other “stans”. The economy is getting better – bullshit – Bush was saing it 1000 times, so is Obama, there is no DNC or GOP, there is one mega party – RepubliCrats backed by megacorporations, Obama is in bed with Wall Street bankers, stop bullshitting American people dude.

  12. Viracocha711 says:

    Uneducated FOOL! Try again.

  13. wow9839 says:

    close-minded RepubliCrat – how can you get an education if your Obama spent all the money? Wasted money for wars, helping foreign countries (billions) – now I understand why you need self education and brain cleaning

  14. Viracocha711 says:

    I bet you are an Alex Jones fan, huh?

  15. wow9839 says:

    who is Alex Jones any way?

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