Roxette – Listen to your heart [HD+Lyrics]

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Follow Your Heart

Lisa Stevens runs to a quiet mountain retreat after being made a laughing stock in the gossip columns at home. As she drives back to her home and life, her car breaks down during an ice storm, forcing her to seek refuge with a local, the handsome rock star Michael Joyce.

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25 Responses to Roxette – Listen to your heart [HD+Lyrics]

  1. Don puzzio says:

    just sent this to my wife of 10yrs

  2. Mira Demonica says:

    Nice song

  3. Mira Demonica says:

    I like it and I love rosette

  4. Stanimira Dimitrova says:

    he left me cause some guy told him that i dont love him and than i send him this song and he just changed his mind…togather again woohoo

  5. Crystal Williams says:

    I love this song

  6. jlalis says:


  7. NiFleTon says:

    I love calling a girl who has that song for listening when you call her!!
    i love this song too my favorite 😀 !!!!

  8. lordsasouki says:

    my problem i didnt listen to my heart once. 

  9. alanna1031 says:

    how do you listen to your heart ?

  10. Càroline Nicaise says:

    This is Beautiful ( I am french ) 😀

  11. onilstargmail says:

    vc es muito sencivel gostei do seru coração

  12. shak11uk says:

    dub lub dub lub ………. stethoscope -_-

  13. alyssamoraless11 says:

    I love this video 🙂

  14. BS1965able says:

    great song all I know is trust honesty and loyalty are a hards thing to come buy these days.

  15. Peter O. says:

    I love this song even though I was only 5-6 in 1989

  16. realyn tomimbang says:

    still one of my favs!!!

  17. dtwocrow23 says:

    Omg this song always hit my heart 🙂 , my hearts telling me that its a great song 3

  18. Claudine Aquino says:

    i like this song

  19. howlmoon45667 says:

    It was cool my dad

  20. howlmoon45667 says:

    Loves rosette

  21. Raisa Schlepers says:

    Leuk nummer:D:)

  22. sneebil says:

    And that’s why me and my best friend dont go further than friendship, because she listens too much to her heart afraid of losing me.

  23. VolasTamara says:

    Listen to your heart when he’s calling for you 3
    Listen to your heart there’s nothing else you can do 3

  24. VolasTamara says:

    Listen to your heart when he’s calling for you 3
    Listen to your heart there’s nothing else you can do 3

  25. MrDrSarcasm says:

    Ever since I was little this song has put me right to sleep. It is my favorite song to listen to before I go to bed.

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