Roxette – Listen To Your Heart (video oficial)

If I Follow My Heart

13 TRACKS: 1) Perhaps 2) Rain From The Skies 3) Johnny Too Bad 4) If Follow My Heart 5) There Must Be A Fight 6) Rivers Of Babylon 7) It’s Impossible 8) Make It With You 9) Impossible 10) Love Grows 11) Little Green Apples 12) Grooving Out On Life 13) Hooligan

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25 Responses to Roxette – Listen To Your Heart (video oficial)

  1. jezzie7354 says:

    aww its cute how he looks at her at 0:29 !!

  2. RAMONA TUTTI says:

    yes i love it too;-)

  3. Iwanna Dela says:

    Listen to your heart
    When he’s calling for you
    Listen to your heart
    There’s nothing else you can do
    I don’t know where you’re going
    And I don’t know why
    But listen to your heart
    Before you tell him goodbye ..

  4. 673497 says:

    Listen to your mom.

  5. adelbih1 says:

    jaa bi volio da jee..ali kako se strasti nažalost razbuktavaju..ove priče o nekom jedinstvu padaju u vodu..uglavnom ja sam kosmopolita,,volim i poštujem sve dobre ljude…:PP

  6. bagheera79 says:

    Video recorded at the Borgholm castle, Sweden.

  7. EdithD1988 says:

    Pridružujem se, komšija. Ponosna bosanka! 😀

  8. jezkn says:

    Greatest live performance ever of any pop song.

  9. Stefan Panov says:

    ima i makedonaca 🙂

  10. rekohu1 says:

    Great singer!

  11. MrPjs70 says:


  12. TheFuzzyotternutts says:

    I often sing this song when the icecream man is infront of my house, but not sure if I should spend money /3

  13. R2TheArTisT says:

    dang this sooo bumping

  14. charlienchocfact says:

    🙂 lol

  15. grujic11 says:

    couse we cyrillic’s people listen this music 🙂

  16. tome9243 says:

    jas se slozuvam

  17. arthur hurst says:

    Russia loves this!

  18. dreni says:

    very very nice song i loved

  19. kiki89oh says:

    И јас се сложувам со тебе. За жал така е.. ама имаме среќа што ја имаме оваа музика. Да се надеваме дека ќе почнат да прават ваква квалитетна музика. Макар што квалитетот не може да исплива на површина од премногу неквалитетна музика.

  20. DwnPg says:


  21. BlueSmurf10 says:

    Her hair is epic.

  22. Massie Shakee says:

    Најубава 🙂

  23. themetalcommand says:

    Па пишувај на македонски да те ебам.

  24. alban dzemaili says:

    my friend died 7 months ago.. Rest in Peace my friend… They forever said me listen to your heart… Roxette

  25. Ian Craig Richards says:

    Well said young man. Keep close to your Dad. I didn’t know how much I would miss him when he passed away last year. Stick in son and make your dad proud. Have a brilliant New Year and stick in to whatever you do well. Ian

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