RSMV – Cross My Heart

Hey Everyone Thanks for all your help , support , and everthing else. I REAAAAAALLLY hope you enjoy this video , it took me a very long time and I am very proud of myself . Thanks for the Follow people who have a ton of patients: I Beestly I XBetsyWetsyX Smiley VenomXus II Suzuki II SpeedyCat12 Sliky Man Or1ch Zodiac Slayz RichMan2001 MasterAddictors MrsBriones I ko P hatz BarrowDatank Onomaris Dark Return7 Icefang113 X Wrecked I Country B0yz Weirdal102 Sinizzster Kel Den JimJimmmmm Tra484 Jacoby972 Jacoby279 Scully32 J fogy Timbo 19 ThornShadow Jessalyn21 VammpireFang Mike Gracie JimJimownths KillaNdaWest If I forgot your name im reallllllllly sorry just tell me and ill put ur name up here. ————Disclaimer———— Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

If I Follow My Heart

13 TRACKS: 1) Perhaps 2) Rain From The Skies 3) Johnny Too Bad 4) If Follow My Heart 5) There Must Be A Fight 6) Rivers Of Babylon 7) It’s Impossible 8) Make It With You 9) Impossible 10) Love Grows 11) Little Green Apples 12) Grooving Out On Life 13) Hooligan

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24 Responses to RSMV – Cross My Heart

  1. michaelandtristan says:

    nice man. but no panning? oh well very cool train wreck scenes.

  2. michaelandtristan says:

    lol no credits 😛 i told you description was more easy

  3. bubdude says:

    Awesome man! But tip of the iceberg is still my favourite 😛

  4. TurnT0Ice says:

    on a scale of 1 to 10 what level of sexyness

  5. pchyknrt says:

    OMG loveeee it 🙂 Thanks for having me take part. Had lots of fun. I want to see some of the outtakes though rofl. That was funny sht tbh 😀

  6. numaorvipekid49375 says:

    nice one :0

  7. TurnT0Ice says:

    its cool gl on attack
    Feature this on ur channel *cough*

  8. TurnT0Ice says:

    whats that suppose to mean?

  9. KillaSabb1 says:

    nice bro

  10. XxRichman2001xX says:


  11. XxRichman2001xX says:

    im the one with the bandos and santa on =].

  12. Disatrbed159 says:

    lolz yay!! im in it XD

  13. ELBARTOmovies says:

    nice video ;D

  14. Disatrbed159 says:

    im not a noob! -.-”
    ok i am ur point?

  15. cherrybomb04 says:

    Omgawsh yours is better, tbh I wouldn’t have done it if I saw this, I only do songs, that either havnt been done, or are outdated, or if the other vids to that song suck xD

  16. TurnT0Ice says:

    ahahha nah urs pwns mine always and lol same here

  17. TheAngelsArrow says:

    nice 🙂 faved

  18. xm9s says:

    Thumbs up, Faved….=D

  19. venomxus says:


  20. Gabe Nelo says:

    Realli Glad i Helpd in this one!
    Thiss mi all time fav!
    Great Job Zaneyy!!

    – Sinizz

  21. TheGhostwolf14 says:

    you sure have a good taste of music 😀
    it’s kinda obvious that this vid is 5/5 .

  22. iCanHasJerking says:

    I wanted to use this song for an english project, but now that I’ve seen this I’ll end up copying all your ideas -.-

  23. Michael Salvador says:

    you fat juicy fuck

  24. XxRichman2001xX says:

    yo u need me in any rsmvs? im up pm me =p

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