Ryan Gosling Vs. Taylor Lautner Vs. Channing Tatum: Hottest Bodies!?!

Ryan Gosling Vs. Taylor Lautner Vs. Channing Tatum: Hottest Bodies!?! Subscribe | bit.ly Send Chels a Tweet! | bit.ly Follow Hollywire! | bit.ly Athletes around the world have gathered in London to compete in the 2012 Olympics. But what would happen if Hollywood held its own Olympics in categories like, oh I don’t know, Hottest Bodies?!? Would Ryan Gosling take home the gold? Or maybe Taylor Lautner? How about Channing Tatum as the dark horse? Well, Ryan Gosling, for obvious reasons, is included in the mix. He’s got the buff arms, toned pecks and do you remember that specific shot from Crazy. Stupid Love!? Pretty sure if you looked up six-pack in the dictionary there would be a picture of Taylor Lautner — shirtless. Taylor’s tanned and toned body is 100% Olympic worthy. Last up, Channing Tattum used to be a stripper and with a body like his — which he so graciously shared with us in Magic Mike — I mean come on, Jenna Dewin is one lucky lady. So what do you think? Which Hollywood hunk’s body do you think deserves a gold medal?


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25 Responses to Ryan Gosling Vs. Taylor Lautner Vs. Channing Tatum: Hottest Bodies!?!

  1. Ilse Espinoza says:


  2. LaAwesomeftw says:

    Ryan Gosling takes it. Ryan. Gosling. All. The. Way.

  3. darkdragon201254 says:

    Taylor woooo

  4. bluerose160 says:

    Taylor all the way!

  5. MyFantagegirl says:

    Omg! 3 -Tie 😀

  6. meera201007109 says:

    Ryan Goslingggggggggggggggggggg

  7. fazela789 says:


  8. 1JasmineL says:

    Channing!! 3

  9. finishgirl12 says:


  10. eady08 says:

    Channing. hes too much. channing.

  11. ilovehimsoomuch101 says:

    Taylor lautner omg yes.!!!

  12. besties13329 says:


  13. Sydney Welch says:

    All three lol … Sexy..

  14. MadeInNZbro says:

    Woah hot bod overload!!! I agree…three way tie;)

  15. theshadowfag says:

    Heres a good test. Give them a motorcycle, a black leather jacket and 501 jeans and shirtless(think James Dean) and then you can tell better who is more badass and hot! 🙂 No further comment needed 🙂

  16. clumpnugget101 says:


  17. MoarteaMG says:

    Ryan. taylor is ugly,pig face

  18. Zara Korowicki says:


  19. Nauna Tuli says:

    uhmmmm duh taylor Lautner all da WAY!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mariana Marques says:

    Jenna Dewan is Tatum’s wife but in the picture is not her. It’s Rachel Nichols. Big mistake! XD

  21. jerseyshorelover12 says:


  22. lisabon08 says:

    Ryan without a doubt

  23. SkrillexLover1123 says:

    1. Taylor Lautner 2. Channing Tatum 3. Ryan Gosling…

  24. tazsgirl6969 says:


  25. LorBaddChick says:


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