Sami Yusuf – You Came To Me

Download the Wherever You Are album now from Music & words by Sami Yusuf Published by Resonance Music. Produced by ETM International. Copyright of ETM International. All Right Reserved. Follow Sami Yusuf on:

Be Happy Follow Your Heart Stamps (My Minds Eye)

17 acrylic clear stamps coordinated with the Be Happy color scheme.

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25 Responses to Sami Yusuf – You Came To Me

  1. TRIS YANTO says:


  2. Zara Imanova says:

    Thank you for this sacred music

  3. Zara Imanova says:

    Thank you for this sacred music…

  4. MozhdaSyd says:


  5. رحماك ربي says:

    اللهم صلي و سلم و بارك على سيدنا و حبيبنا محمد و على آل سيدنا محمد كما صليت و سلمت  و باركت
    على سيدنا ابراهيم وعلى آل سيدنا ابراهيم انك حميد مجيد .

  6. osamabutt72 says:

    Heart touching voice

  7. green apple says:


  8. fjballer10 says:

    Allah ♥

  9. LittleGoatsAndCats says:


  10. KaNDiRaLi89 says:

    Agzına yürenine saglık örnek aldıgım insanlardan birisin sami abi gercekten çok güzel ifade ediyorsun ”ALLAH” Razı Olsun ..

  11. fbellahouel says:

    Magnifique mashallah …

  12. Sezoula says:

    Allah sesine zeval vermesin ..

  13. Mohammad Khazali says:

    10,000,000 Soon iA! 😀

  14. Aahf4ever says:


  15. Counterpro2011 says:

    nice 😀

  16. Rodanthi Mpiliou says:


  17. Rodanthi Mpiliou says:

    wunderschön!!! Ich liebe es!

  18. ramzan bahadurzaev says:


  19. Alparrslann says:

    makes me feeling there is nothing in the world just Allah

  20. Thunder Storm says:

    isn’t his voice the greatest? wow mashallah amazing allah bless him

  21. Furkaan43 says:

    Masa Allah!

  22. malex1307 says:

    Sehr schön…..kiterunner!!!

  23. Muazam Ali says:

    best naat ever

  24. Natasha Alli says:

    may Allah bless you Sami Yusuf!

  25. sarahmahammad says:

    اللهم صلّ على محمد وعلى آل محمد كما صليت على ابراهيم وعلى آل ابراهيم وبارك على محمد وعلى آل محمد كما باركت على ابراهيم وعلى آل ابراهيم زز فى العالمين انك حميد مجيد ♥

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