Step Up Channing Tatum interview

Channing Tatum is interviewed by Chuck the Movieguy for the movie Step Up

Step Up (Widescreen Edition)

Incredible dancing and awesome music fuel STEP UP, the exhilarating and inspiring movie starring Channing Tatum (SHE’S THE MAN, COACH CARTER) who sizzles as Tyler Gage, a rough and streetwise hunk with raw talent. When Tyler finds himself doing community service at a school for the performing arts, he also finds Nora, a beautiful and privileged classically trained dancer who’s searching for a temporary replacement for her injured dance partner. Spying Tyler’s smooth moves, Nora decides to take a chance on him. But as they begin training, tension builds, tempers flare and the differences in their backgrounds explode — igniting this electrifying tale about not giving up on your dreams.

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25 Responses to Step Up Channing Tatum interview

  1. silvabakz1313 says:

    im a hood nigga..& honostly dis host iz a fuckin punk…please somebody beat him da fuck up!!!do da world a favor!!

  2. cometlori says:

    lol can you go like get your eyes checked or something because there is something REALLY wrong with them….come one he is THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!!!

  3. Kristina Heman-Ackah says:

    AAH!!! Not this guy again!!!

  4. borlan100 says:

    I don’t know why this wigger keeps getting movies. He’s awful.

  5. FranticFatality says:

    But that doesn’t mean he has more talent. Because he doesn’t. They both suck, equally.

  6. siennavine81 says:

    I can’t believe how many people (guys) dislike Channing! He is not that bad of an actor. Yes, being sexy does play a big part, I mean we are talking about shallow Hollywood here. But, he is more than sexy, there is something there. Being a “perfect” actor is not everything!

  7. MsYouknowthename says:

    hahah shut up man 

  8. dawnville04 says:

    ..i am just happy he and jenna got married..their marriage is almost 3 years now and i can really feel they’ll last..he mentioned about how lucky he was to get the part..aww men i bet in the back of his mind he’s saying “cuz i met jenna”

  9. bluemusicpeace12 says:

    loool channing’s such a joker.. CGI 🙂

  10. hpandswimmingluver99 says:

    His eyes and laugh -3

  11. emperor combs says:

    i cant believe he is bi!!!!!!!!i love him omg so sexy i want to talk to him and meet him!<3hes so freaking sexy!

  12. beautje280598 says:

    everything is sexy about him!! BTW love your username! i’m a big fan of orton and cena!!! (i’m a girl :$:$)

  13. beautje280598 says:

    youre awful! why the fuck are you watching this if you don’t like him!

  14. PirateonFleetStreet says:

    And he’s gone all the way from this to Magic Mike.

  15. fdpcompdm says:

    i want to suck is dick sorry

  16. minilme says:

    What?????He’s a BI????? U’re lying.

  17. lanuiiohu says:

    ………Male whores & women losers

  18. alyssia martinez says:


  19. Carmen Westerbaan says:


  20. PassionCandyx says:

    channing tatum is the most handsome man <3

  21. SammyNoble says:

    This is back in 2006. Why is he wearing a wedding band. He didn’t get married till 2009.

  22. cuteplusfriendly says:

    He is bi, he said it on an interview

  23. TheLoneLeeWolf says:

    where is that interview?

  24. Jim Harrison says:

    They should play Aleta and Prince Valiant

  25. kiarrah0099 says:

    Channing Tatum looks like John cena mannn ;)

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