The Anxious Athlete Anxiety can be a debilitating process. The Anxious Athlete is a true inspirational story of a Professional Tennis player who was in a battle with Generalized Anxiety disorder, Panic Disorder, Hypochondria and Depression for 6 years of his life. The eBook takes you on a roller coaster ride through the highs and extreme lows of a professional athlete in his battle against these mental disorders, while at the same time never giving up on his dream to become a world ranked professional Tennis player. Many emergency visits, a bag full of pills and having to take care of a baby on the way are just a few stories this book shares and how they were handled, even though the very real physical symptoms from fear and anxiety almost led Dennis to ending it all. The Anxious Athlete eBook as well as many free downloadable tools outline the steps that Dennis had to take in order to take his life back and end the overwhelming thoughts and feelings that having extreme anxiety come with.

Water and Other Stories

PETITIONS: A short story about a homeless man (contemporary fiction). ANGEL’S SONG: A companion short story to the novel “The Thorn”, book one of “The Chronicles of Gan” (speculative fiction). WATER: Based on the account found in the Gospel of John, chapter 5, verses 1-16, and the painting by Carl Bloch, “Healing at the Pool of Bethesda” (historical fiction).

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