The J Cole Story – Who Am I – Exclusive 2013

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101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary

101 true, real-life experiences will show you just how powerful the rosary is. “Sr Paricia has put together a knock-your-socks-off collection of true stories that will inspire both new and veteran prayers of the rosary…you’re going to love this book.” (Recommendation from cover by authors Mitch and Kathy Finley.)

From the forward,Bishop William Skylstad writes: “Each story carries with it a witness of faith that helps to make up our common spiritual heritage in the Catholic Church. I suspect that each of us in reading these accounts will come more into contact with our own experience of praying the rosary and appreciate even more its transforming and consoling power.”

Includes beautiful meditations for the rosary (Mysteries of Light, too!); Apostolic letter of Pope John Paul II on the rosary; History of rosary by Fr Richard Gribble; How to pray the Rosary.

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25 Responses to The J Cole Story – Who Am I – Exclusive 2013

  1. Kevincomments says:

    Born Sinner: The Great American Rap Album 1/28/13

  2. Kevincomments says:

    All City Chess Club #Coleworld

  3. North Denver says:

    Six years ago Nas said Hip Hop is dead today we have Kendrick Lamar,J.Cole,Joey Badass,A$AP Rocky,Jay Rock,Ab Soul, Odd Future and plenty people on the come up Check my boys out coming straight out of the heart of North Denver real Hip Hop you wont regret it (B-One Almost Famous)

  4. rangerfa98 says:


  5. MrCaper79 says:

    Hi Guys you may like my video type – Caper EP Trailor

  6. DFamily1st says:


  7. Frank Shelly says:

    this is the cover. very good /watch?v=NPJHdlrd4So

  8. DrCheyOne says:

    Out of all the dope rappers out like, soul, joey badass, etc. Cole gives me the feel that I can actually amount to something with music.

  9. TheMC1192 says:

    He’s the truth

  10. Alan Garcia says:

    To all the “rappers” annoying the hell out of me on youtube about checking out their songs, J.Cole mad it without begging on youtube, and he was dead broke ….. so no excuses !

  11. Jose Ortiz says:

    J. Cole keeps it real.

  12. OfficialJayTV1 says:


  13. Mandy H says:

    More jay coles and less rick ross

  14. Josh Hunter says:

    J. Cole is real hip hop

  15. YourWife2008 says:

    No, but I’m getting the paranoid feel from you. Thank you for perpetuating the stereotype black people can’t make it unless they in the Illuminati. Slap yourself.

  16. YourWife2008 says:

    This is why he is my favorite rapper! Inspired me to chase my dreams. I thought it was too late but it’s never too late.

  17. Highboyjones1 says:

    @Alan Garcia thank you!

  18. theblaquebaastid says:

    Thissssssss… FFS the amounta clueless dumbasses i see on youtube sayin this when in truth theyve probly never picked up a book in their lives theyre just some internet parrots!!

  19. marley55636 says:

    he is so powerful and doesnt even know it

  20. gtorres908 says:

    J cole inspired me

  21. The0fficialNasty says:

    check out another dope rapper like j cole
    search up
    Wade – Stay Strong, You’re Not Alone

  22. MrMattLewis8 says:

    That’s what makes him powerful. He’s humble. “Humble out of respect, not fear”

  23. taheem90 says:

    Greatest of all time J.Cole

  24. OfficialDimiDez says:

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    Thanks for reading

  25. hardwoodskills says:

    I like when guys like J cole make it. He truly deserves it unlike most rappers in the game.

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