Waldo Canyon Colorado Wildfire

“Colorado wildfire” “Colorado fire” “Waldo Canyon Wildfire” Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated and multiple homes destroyed as a growing wildfire races through Colorado Springs in a scene Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper described as “like looking at a military invasion.” KDVR reports as of Tuesday night the El Paso County Sheriff says more than 32000 people have been evacuated from the city of Colorado Springs due to the Waldo Canyon fire and an unknown number of homes have been destroyed. The fire has consumed approximately 6500 acres so far. “It’s like an inferno,” Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach told KDVR. “We have quite a few homes on fire right now.” Approximately 2100 people were evacuated from the US Air Force Academy, which is north of Colorado Springs. The academy said in a statement late Tuesday officials have directed a base closure for normal operations for Wednesday, with only essential personnel reporting for duty.

Park Science Volume 3, Issue 3–Spring 1983

The quarterly publication from the National Park Service. Topics discussed in this issue include: acid rain, Colorado tick fever, Fire Island, Oak Savanna, bear research and more.

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