Waldo Canyon Fire – Day 4 (6/26/2012)

Approx 4500 Acres are affected. This is the fourth day of the fire has been burning just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is some video I captured from central Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak is on the left side of the screen, I am filming pointing West. Call 719-632-3563 Red Cross for info… They are asking for Monetary Donations (best option to help right now) Info from COS Fire Dept: 719-629-7322 www.inciweb.org for information look for Waldo Canyon Fire http www.kktv.com 720-402-7935; 720-237-9947; 720-237-3417 Emergency Informational Phone Lines. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)

Apple MacBook Pro (8,1) Core i5 2.30 GHz 13″ 750GB (2011)

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5 Responses to Waldo Canyon Fire – Day 4 (6/26/2012)

  1. Sam Dickson says:

    From my house it looks like hell and you can see he flames going on and off.

  2. Ronnie Bincer says:

    Where abouts is your house? What town/area are you in?

  3. Sam Dickson says:

    Pine Creek area, that was yesterday around 2. But nothing compared to today, i may have to Evac tomorrow, I can just pray it doesn’t creep over i-25.

  4. Ronnie Bincer says:

    We wish you the best, and hope that the fire dies down soon… little to no more loss of homes or businesses.

  5. Sam Dickson says:

    Thank You!

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