Waldo Canyon Fire, June 26, 2012

A quick video I took this afternoon, June 26 2012, of the Waldo Canyon fire near Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak. This is the fire that forced the evacuation of Manitou Springs the other day. It is one of several fires currently burning in the State. I took this from my roof, which is 5-10 miles from the fire but offers a good view of the entire area. The main road West goes through that valley – Waldo is a canyon off the main valley – and it has been closed for two days. There really isn’t an alternate route, you either go north through Denver or South over rough roads if you want to head West into the mountains right now. I had to detour through Black Canyon on Sunday, which was quite an adventure, but great for taking pictures. I hiked Waldo Canyon this past Spring and have many pictures which I also will be sharing. It sure won’t look the same after this devastation, but at least I can show the beauty that was.

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11 Responses to Waldo Canyon Fire, June 26, 2012

  1. violetstarzlol says:

    Thank you for this,i live in old colorado springs,and its freaking me out.

  2. ClonesQuarters says:

    Oh yeah, Just got really hazy and smoky in my area 🙁

  3. gabe gonzales says:

    were u live i in mounuenmt isnt it hard see the moutains burn there soo pretty and there burning

  4. kellyadmirer1 says:

    I’m in Briargate, so I have a ringside seat on this fire. I used to deliver mail in Monument, and there’s just as much dry timber up there, too.

  5. Freezkime says:

    This is not good.. Norad is definitely up and running…

  6. cessna182turbo says:

    No doubt about that man. I was in the springs today and the fire was horably

  7. native1122 says:

    im close to interquest and today around 4pm it was looking like it wanted to come down where i live. Scary shit, I have never seen anything like this!

  8. sonofwar11 says:

    This problem started back in the sixties when this area was developed with things like sod & landscaping. It’s an arid desert here. The aquifer is depleted. Irresponsible water management. Now everybody’s cryin. Suprise! You might as well build your house is gas soaked rags.

  9. cyprex says:

    Stereo wind

  10. Libby Lukens says:

    hmmm… I would blame it on the weather and global warming…. No snow or rain during the winter=dry summer. dry summer= possible fires. Combine that with the beetle kill pines and you will get a fire. By the way, if your entire town was burning, I bet you would be crying too.

  11. SugaPea5 says:

    It is ‘Climate Change’…with extremes of all kinds!
    Look what just took place in Virginia on June 28th.
    The global warming ‘Flat Earth Society’ have to wake up!
    We need to anticipate these extreme events…
    This is only the beginning…we need to prepare to take care of our fellow American’s without a fight.
    Young people…fight for your future! Don’t let them deny the truth!

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