Waldo Canyon Fire Time Lapse – Day 1

Time Lapse of Day 1 of the Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs, CO. Taken from near UCCS. Copyright 2012 Nicholas B. Lee nicholasblee.com http

Heat Transfer in Fire and Combustion Systems-1994: Presented at the 6th Aiaa/Asme Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Confer

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3 Responses to Waldo Canyon Fire Time Lapse – Day 1

  1. tralala1958 says:

    thanks for this. it really shows the power of mother nature. what a mother she is.

  2. MrMldillman says:

    hello neighbor…thanks for sharing this video!

  3. Gilbert Gross says:

    Impressive and disturbing. My prayers are with all of you out there in that area.

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