Waldo Canyon Fire Time Lapse – June 26, 2012

Taken from the Briargate area of NE Colorado Springs, Colorado. Times were at sunset (8:30pm) then at night from 10-11pm. Most of the “fog” you’re seeing is actually smoke. I applied no cleanup or enhancement to the photos, I really just wanted to get the footage out as soon as possible. My prayers go out to those affected, shoot me a message if there’s anything I can do.

Last Call For Murder

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  1. Guy Van Bogart says:

    I made it in Adobe After Effects, you can use plenty of other programs, I’m just more familiar with AE. Most of the night shots were around a 2 second exposure every 5 seconds at 1250 ISO and f/2.8 with my Canon 60D.

    The location for these´╗┐ shots were all at the Alexan at Briargate apartments, just east of Powers & Union. The buildings visible at the bottom are Target and some lights from Lowes.

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