Waldo Canyon Fire UFO – UFO behind helicopter

There have been way too many “sightings” in and around Colorado Springs for this to be missed by the news. If you look behind the helicopter you’ll see something that I can’t explain. It is NOT another helicopter in the distance (size) and is NOT an airplane (speed).

Ten elderly victims from intermediate care facility fire, Colorado Springs, Colorado (March 4, 1991)

Original publisher: [Emmitsburg, Md.] : Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Fire Administration, National Fire Data Center, [1991] OCLC Number: (OCoLC)76963871 Subject: Nursing homes — Fires and fire prevention. Excerpt: … USFA-TR-050 / March 1991 5 scenario, this group of residents who averaged 85 years of age, many with limited mobility, were put at a serious disadvantage by this categorization when an emergency situation arose. Other States, like Colorado, need to review their criteria and practices in this important area. Adequacy of inspections is another problem area spotlighted by this incident. Colorado currently has two inspectors for the entire State and 281 operational personal care homes. They range in size from three beds to several hundred, but most are twenty beds or smaller. The State Health Department Director is currently trying to arrange contracts with local county inspectors to maintain inspections on these facilities, but in the interim two inspectors are charged with the major portion of inspections in the State. The director indicates these are not trained building inspectors and have only a cursory amount of training in this area. The State Health Department Director makes the point that the bulk of these facilities are not in-line for any Federal aid and if forced to go with more stringent safety features, they would be forced to close. By comparison, numerous States, such as Virginia and Alabama, have made sprinklering of this type of facility mandatory, and it does not appear that financial constraints have hampered them. The Colorado Springs Fire Department is to be commended for their openness during USFA’s investiga-tion of this fire and their willingness to learn from this loss. They indicated they will implement into their plan a program of more stringent code enforcement as a result of lessons learned from this fire. The Colorado Springs Fire Department did a building inspection and outlined areas needing to be correc…

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25 Responses to Waldo Canyon Fire UFO – UFO behind helicopter

  1. annie46664 says:

    @GodIsAJew1YouDoNotNo ~ Simply remember ME when they DO arrive before the end of this year ~ yes! 2012. They are as close, if not closer to God then you are darling, so fear not! OK?
    Some have already been attending meetings with high ranking officials, and shift-shaping from the human form they took on to attend the meetings, to their ACTUAL, original form, before quickly resuming the human form. Imagine how MIND BLOWING that must’ve been. Of course you won’t read nor hear about such via MSM.

  2. MEL3D says:


  3. GodIsAJew1YouDoNotNo says:

    Toward the end of this year I will probably be busy with the arrival of God
    event in people’s lives so let me express my appreciation for your efforts
    at this time, also I will be sure not to be afraid of the meeting or whatever it
    was you were talking about; you’re right I couldn’t find it reported anywhere.

  4. crystallighthealer says:

    DO BELIEVE! How do you think the original Biblical figures got here? Look at all the ancient paintings and see the flying disks in the air. Google it! Look at the cave paintings from all over the world. The truth is in Archaeology…not the man written Bible of the Dark Cabal. So glad to see you awakening. Namaste

  5. NMPros says:

    It’s a C130 large water delivery vehicle. They are much faster than helicopters, and very fat. It’s off in the distance. I have seen similar videos, some of which the camera operator recognizes a strange object, zooms in on it to make it clear, and sees that once in focus it is actually a C130. The object in this video is out of focus, so its obvious at a different distance than the helicopter, which is clearly a helicopter.

  6. ColorOfTought says:

    Slick! There was also one recorded during the Japanese tsunami that can been seen from multiple aerial recordings. Something is definitely out there.

  7. easy2njoy says:

    wow I live in CO Estes Park
    I have seen several UFO’s here at night and only one during the day..that particular UFO was doing circles around a chemtrail jet…unbelievable had I not seen it with my own eyes

  8. Tafoya1969 says:

    Its a C-130 recon plane mapping the area of the fire spread, the were tons of air craft in the air during the fire. Get real!

  9. iglet1967 says:

    Nope. It is not a C130. Worked on them for many years. Seen thousands flying around. No signature of the nose or tail. That thing flying behind the helicopter is probably a cabal ufo or an alien ufo.

  10. ViganCityPantayDaya says:

    Not a C130, I’m ex military…also the clue is also in the last few seconds of the commentary..the c130’s should be there this afternoon!

  11. NMPros says:

    I was a crewman for a C130 during OIF.

  12. Producergal123 says:


  13. GUMBY1942 says:

    Thats an ariplane you dumb ass.

  14. theghost1039 says:

    yo if you have bull shit footage please stop trying to convence folks thats real !!! bull shit y because every time some body makes claims its always !!! not clear !! like big foot, jfk, lock ness,,, never a clear pic..with all of the technologeee …yo never a clear pic we can see mars perfect but when it come too ufo !! fuzzy dim blurry never clear !!! so what i wann say is !!! SHUT THE F UP ABOUT YOUR DEMONS!!!!

  15. theghost1039 says:


  16. korea732001 says:


  17. MsSugercrisp says:

    oh man other CG project with fake UFO !
    and it was’nt even a good one. he did’nt even do the touch up work !
    talk about lazy !

  18. makka45 says:

    If I showed you a clear video you’d say no way its real its too perfect, why isnt it all over the news its too unbelievable, like the billy meier photos. Look at the Urzi case if you want to see clear footage. but of course it’ll be too perfect to be real.

  19. zackinator007 says:

    all ufo’s on utube are man controlled by the military… seems they are deceiving a whole lot of people out there.

  20. jennyburger07 says:

    I just realized something…the helicopter in this video isn’t REAL! See the orb at 0:56, along with the black portion of the copter being very black? That’s the tell-tell clue! See Ella5024 for more on this subject. Thanks for posting!

  21. ViganCityPantayDaya says:

    Any updates and if the original footage copied or obtained? 

  22. Dusty696969 says:

    Get a HDMI turner card for you computer and you can hook it right up to the box. If your cable box has a standard analog cabel on the back then you can get a cable tuner card for like 20 or 30 bucks. Thats how I record from my DVR to my computer.

  23. DGCSCO says:

    You can use a DVD burner, I’ve got a cheap one that works great.

  24. KoRn0Graphy2010 says:

    The UFO was making fun of the helicopter because to them its poor technology they see us as cavemen.

  25. springthing1000 says:

    Right! I can’t believe this vid is posted and it has so many people are thinking it’s from outside of this world. lol. Planes fly over my house all the time and they look just like that from a distance. You guys can’t be serious..

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